Buckeye Girl, Malaina Jenkins

Recently, Riverside student, Malaina Jenkins, attended Buckeye Girls State.  Malaina interviewed and was chosen for this opportunity.

According to the Buckeye Girls State website, “Buckeye Girls State is a week-long program designed to educate Ohio’s young women in the duties, privileges, rights, and responsibilities of good citizenship.  By getting involved in the process, BGS delegates learn more about city, county, and state government in one week than they will in an entire semester of high school.”

When asked about her experience, Malaina said she was nervous at first but was immediately placed in the “Federalist” party group, where she not only met the girls she would be with all week, but where she got to start many friendships.  Malaina said her confidence also grew with this experience.  She decided to run for State Treasurer.  Malaina had the opportunity to participate in city, county and state caucuses and primaries.  She was able to debate in the general election.  Malaina states that her experience at Buckeye Girls State was wonderful.   She learned much about government and was able to meet many great people, including some government officials.  Overall, Malaina said she gained a stronger confidence in herself because of this experience and started some lasting friendships.