Student remotely learning

Grades 7-12 will follow a Two H our Delay Schedule on Remote Learning Days.

Students are expected to join their classes through Google Meet at the scheduled times. Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence.

2 Hour Delay Schedule

1st9:4510:1732 Min.
2nd10:2010:5232 Min.
3rd10:5511:2732 Min.
4th11:3012:0232 Min.
5th12:0512:3732 Min.
6A JH Lunch12:401:1030 Min.
6A HS Plank12:401:1030 Min.
6B JH Plank1:131:4330 Min.
6B HS Lunch1:131:4330 Min.
7th1:462:1731 Min.
8th2:202:5030 Min.

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