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Mrs. Yoder's 2nd Grade Class

Welcome to 2nd grade!
I am excited to be teaching your student this year.  Let's work together to assure your student's success in 2nd grade.  Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments.  

What are we going to learn this year?

The state of Ohio lists standards we must teach our students. If you would like to see a list of these, please go to http://www.ode.state.oh.us/to checkout the standard guides for each grade level.  Please be a positive influence and support for your student’s learning endeavors.

Students will be bringing home a green GO HOME folder each day. Please check the homework behavior sheet, sign it, and have your student return the GREEN folder back to school every day.  

Right = Return: Items that come home on the right side of the folder are items to please return back to school.

On the right side of the folder will be a homework/behavior sheet. Please sign the sheet each evening. Talk with your student about their behavior and homework noted on the sheet. Please assist with homework and be sure it gets done and returned to school. A key for the behavior colors is at the bottom of each sheet.   Please encourage good behavior and reward it at home. Please discourage poor behavior and use consequences at home.

Left = Leave: Items that come home on the left side of the folder are items that you may leave at home.

MAIL: When my student take mail from their mailbox, they may put all the papers on the left side for leaving at home.  As the parent, you will know what items, forms, etc. will need to be sent back to school.  Please be understanding with my students until they learn the sides of the folder.  Thank you!


Students are to keep a red folder at school for items that we will need at school. This folder should not be brought home. If ever the red folder comes home, please return to school the next day. We will have play money and fraction cards amongst other items that we will be needing at school.


Students will have homework each day. Students will write down any additional homework that is to be completed that evening on their Homework/Behavior Sheet.  Second graders should spend at least 30 minutes each evening reading and learning a list of 1000 high frequency words.  Success later on in school will depend greatly on the ability to read. Reading is required in every subject in school.  

High-Frequncey Word Lists- Students need to learn to read a list of 1000 commonly used words.  These words will appear in lists with 25 words on a list.  Once students read each word correctly, they move on to the next list.  These lists will come home in the green go home folder.  Problem words will be circled.  Please practice these lists with your student. When a list is read correctly, I will place a sticker on it to let you know your student passed that particular list.  When we begin testing, I cannot test a student until he/she misses a word.  Usually, I can only test a student up to three lists a week so that I have time to see all students.  

Library Books
– Students are permitted to check out one library book each Thursday from our school library.  Please read these books with your student each night, and be sure they are returned to school. If time does not permit reading the library book each night, please read the library book (or another book) each Friday for homework.

Spelling Words
– Please practice spelling words with your student. Day #5 in the reading series will be our test day for spelling words.  Newsletters will be sent home to let you know the spelling words and test days for the reading series. Students will write a list of words to take home on day one. I suggest this list is put on your refrigerator for the week. 

Thank you for helping your student with homework each evening. =) Students will be turning in the Homework/Behavior sheet the following Monday morning and will be getting a new sheet each Monday. Students will be rewarded for completed (colored and signed) sheets with an extra ticket.

Special Classes

2nd grade students have special classes: library, computer lab, music, art, and gym. Please help your student remember to wear gym shoes and return library books.  Thank you!

Classroom Rules

1.  Follow directions first time given.
2.  Remain seated and work quietly.
3.  Raise your hand and wait to be called on.
4.  Respect Mrs. Yoder, others, self, and property.

Behavior Plan
1.   Yellow:When students do not follow the rules, I tell them what rule was broken and write their name on my clipboard.  This will serve as the student’s warning.

2.     Blue:
When students choose not to follow the rules a second time, I will remove them from the group in a time-out and ask them to write me a letter about their misbehavior.

.     Pink:When students choose not to follow the rules a third time, I will again remove them from the group in a time-out and ask them to write a letter to you. I will copy that letter and send it home. Please sign and return the letter to school the next day. Please discuss the misbehavior with your student and your expectations for them to behave and learn when at school. Please support my disciplinary efforts.

4.     Red:
When students persist not to follow the rules for a fourth time in one day, or they misbehave severely, I will ask Mr. Bryan, our elementary principal, to speak with your student. He may decide on further consequences.

At the end of each day, students will need to let you know about their behavior for the day on their Homework/Behavior Sheet by coloring the square in crayon.

Green= Great day!  No discipline was needed for the day. =)

Yellow= warning

Blue= a time-out and letter to me

Pink= a second time-out and letter home

Red= your student saw or will see the principal

The behavior plan begins anew each day. Students begin each day on green.

When students follow the rules…

My students will receive a ticket to spend in the bi-weekly store I provide. I will have small goodies priced to “buy.”  Students who have no warnings all week will be eligible each Friday for token items in a drawing.  Students may also get stickers, verbal encouragement, a note home, a phone call home, a free spelling word, a no homework pass, a small candy treat, or a special privilege. =) Encourage your student to behave at school because that is when learning takes place. THANKS!

Grading Scale






Morning Bell 7:45 am

Recess Time 10:20-10:35 am

Lunch Time 10:40-11:05 am

Dismissal Time 2:47 pm

If you have any questions, be sure to ask!  Thank you!  I am looking forward to a great school year! =)



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