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What is Agricultural Education?

Agricultural Education 

 Agriculture Science -is the study of agriculture and related agriculture fields.  In Agriculture Science, we develop students those abilities, skills, attitudes, and ideals which the student should possess for a successful life after high school.  The class is a hand’s on class, students are taught to solve problems. Agriculture Education is STEM class – It teaches a variety of Sciences, Technologies as it plays vital role in today’s Agriculture, Engineering – students will learn how to design projects, read blue prints and fabricate them. Mathematics – in Agriculture Education classes, we work with a lot of math, from engineering to business.  
We also recognize the fact that some of the students will complete their education at the end of   high school, while others will participate in post high school training programs or two year technical programs, then others may complete a degree program in a 4 year college or university. While enrolled in Agriculture Education it provides the student with enough exploratory experiences to help themselves decide as to his/her interest areas and capabilities.

   There are 3 parts to a SUCCESSFUL Agriculture Education  Program 

Classroom Instruction, SAE, & FFA


   As a student of agricultural education you are also a member of the National FFA Organization. As a memberyou are required to participate in all chapter activities in some capacity. As you progress through the Riverside FFA you will have many opportunities to become more involved. Without your participation the chapter will not succeed.

The FFA is a required part of the curriculum.

 Students will learn leadership and career building skills along with having a chance to meet FFA members across the state.  Activities include but not limited to, horticulture, agronomy livestock, & mechanics  judging contests.  Public speaking, parliamentary procedure, and field trips both locally and to other points of interest such as Washington D.C.  Leadership Conference, Colt Conference, FFA Camp National FFA Convention Indianapolis, Indiana, the State FFA Convention  in Columbus,Ohio, FFA camp, Made for Excellence Conference, plus many more.
The activities & events that FFA must participate in are: All FFA Meetings, the FFA Banquet and 1 FFA activities above the chapter level per semester.

FFA Meetings, FFA Contest, Activities, and FFA Banquet is for a grade.

Students will need to participate in at least one contest or leadership activity a semester grading period.(this is seperate from FFA meetings)

 Just like in sports, band, or anything else in life  you get out what you put in. 

   Nothing is just handed to you!!

  Supervise Agriculture Experience(SAE) 

 Each student is required to have an SAE.  Students will be expected to develop their Supervise Agriculture Experience.

Developing their SAE is a requirement throughout your years in ALL Ag Ed Classes. SAE are projects that students must keep records of one of the following: animal enterprise books, plant enterprise book, lab exploratory, or job placement. 

 Also students are required to have a home improvement project each year with a minimum of 30hrs.  The purpose is to help students understand basic time management responsibility. Budgeting, cash flow, and shows the importance of record keeping.

Grading Policy - Grading scale is based on school policy

What will I be Graded on?

FFA & Committee Meeting Attendance

Participation in the FFA Events / Activities

Record Books






Work Ethic

Lab Projects

Do you grade on a curve?

                                       No, Students receive the grade that they earn.

Isn't Ag Education Courses just a shop class?
No, Ag class focuses on the core subject at hand with other opportunities, typically each ag class will have 3-4 projects during the school year.

How can I get extra credit?

                        Participate in more than what is required in FFA activities

Will I have homework? If so how much can I expect?

                                        Yes, students will receive homework.  

How much homework depends on how much the student completes in class and how fast the material is covered in class.




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